Marquee Generator

Generate your own Marquees using this generator:

Use this tool to generate your own marquee the easy way. You can customize the behaviors and colors, or simply use it to learn how to code marquee scripts yourself.

Enter your text (or image source)

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Here you can find the html codes for any kind of marquee or scroller that you want. You can use HTML for scrolling or JavaScript, or even Flash! Using our generator, you can generate your own html tags (make sure to spell your tags properly, "marque", margee" or "markee" will not work!). The marquee tag is being deprecated by the W3C, but nearly all browsers still support HTML generated scrolling text.

The easiest way to learn the various marquee codes is by generating the code first, then analyzing/modifying it. Once you have mastered this, see our section on making a marquee image. This is a good way to save space on your site with a vertical marquee for your pictures. This is more difficult to generate, but we have a marquee tutorial which will show you how to create a marquee for your pictures.

Some of the most popular marquees are:

  • marquee slide
  • scrolling text marquee
  • continuous marquee
  • marquee color
  • marquee loop
  • marquee up and down
  • slow marquee
  • big marquee
  • marquee banner
  • marquee photos
  • marquee scroller
  • bouncing marquee

Fun with marquees

You can also put a marquee within another marquee like this:
<marquee direction="up" behavior="alternate"><marquee behavior="alternate">Bouncing about</marquee></marquee> Result:
Bouncing about

Image Scroller Marquee

HTML scroller with pause and background color change on mouseover. Uses no javascript.

>>>Get this script

More marquee effects:

<marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="10">Shake</marquee>

<marquee direction="up" behavior="alternate" scrollamount="10" height="20"><marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="10">Shake</marquee></marquee>
These effects are here for demonstration purposes only. Try not to overuse these effectsx as they tend to annoy the users and make your page look amateurish. There are places for scrollers, but try not to go overboard! :)