Hiding your email address from Spambots

We all get far too much spam, so the last thing someone should do is to post their email address on a website or anywhere on the Internet. That is guaranteed to get harvested by spambots and will result in tons of unwanted spam for Viagra, Nigerian scammers and all kinds of garbage.

Some people try very simple tricks such as this: john.doe<at>hotmail.com -or- john.doe[at]hotmail.com

This method does not work at all. A simple google search can show you that... even a simple Google based search can turn up hundreds of emails at any big company. Simply enter this into Google and see for yourself:
Or this:

Go to the middle of the results and you will see that this simple search turned up all kinds of feeble attempts at hiding emails from spambot harvesters. Lately, Google has been removing these results from searches, but a PHP harvester and/or other search engines will not do so and email addresses can be easily harvested from all over the web.

Generate Your Own Email Hider Script

Simple JavaScript email hider script:

Your email address:


If you click on the link, it automatically will open your Outlook. It will appear on the page and be visible to all, but not be visible to the spambots.

Another method is to simply use an image that spambots cannot see. This is absolutely foolproof, but will require the user to type in your email. If you want a simple solution that works VERY EASILY, simply enter your email address here, and we will generate an image of your email address that spambots absolutely cannot read. To get it, simply copy the image to your disk and use it wherever you like!

Enter your email address here:

Your email image will appear below:

Right click on the image of your email address and save it.

There is another method, and the most complicated of these methods, and that is to encode your email address into a self evaluating JavaScript. The Hivelogic Enkoder does just this. You can visit it here: Hivelogic Enkoder.

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Image Scroller Marquee

HTML scroller with pause and background color change on mouseover. Uses no javascript.

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JavaScript Scroller

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