Blinking Text

Works in Firefox and IE.

The blink tag is one of the most hated of all, almost as bad as a mouseover alert!

In the early days of HTML, this was one of the first tricks learned by many beginning coders, and blinking text was all over the web. People generally hate it, so use it with extreme caution. If you must use it, here it is.

Microsoft has stopped supporting the <blink> tag, so if you simply code your HTML like this:
<blink>Blinking Text</blink>

It will not work at all in Internet Explorer - it will work fine in Firefox.

The script we did actually has two parts.

  1. A JavaScript to make the text blink in IE
  2. A blink tag to make it work in Firefox

Then we used a simple trick of hiding the IE part from Firefox, and hiding the Firefox part from IE! Here is how we did it:

Put this in the head of your document:

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Click "Select All" to highlight the text,
then copy it to your clipboard.

Next you paste this in your document somewhere in the body, and that's it.

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