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HTML for marquees and scrolling scripts

Everything you need to script scrollers, marquees and other tools for web developers. You can generate a simple marquee or a more advanced one using our marquee generator script.

Learn how to use the behavior and direction tag, as well as how to change the speed of scrolling in your HTML Marquees.

HTML Marquees, scrollers and more.

Generate a marquee right now!

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  • WIDTH: how wide the marquee is
  • HEIGHT: how tall the marquee is
  • DIRECTION: which direction the marquee should scroll
  • BEHAVIOR: what type of scrolling
  • SCROLLDELAY: how long to delay between each jump
  • SCROLLAMOUNT: how far to scroll
  • LOOP: how many times to loop (default=infinite)
  • BGCOLOR: background color
  • HSPACE: horizontal space around the marquee
  • VSPACE: vertical space around the marquee

The Marquee tag creates a scrolling effect and can be tailored to include any HTML content. Like the much hated <blink> tag, the <marquee> tag is often regarded as one of the "evil" tags, so many people shy away from using it. There are some places where it can work well, such as in RSS scrollers, squeezing some products into a page for page monetization as per our tee shirt example (see the sidebar on the right), and for accents on a page.

The marquee tag has often been overused by beginning coders who like to show off their HTML prowess by overusing every kind of fancy tag they can conjure up and in the early days of the web, the marquee tag was overused almost as much as the <blink> tag to the irritation of many. Microsoft even stopped supporting the <blink> tag, so that the simple HTML for blinking text now does not work in IE! (There is a way to do it with javascript that works in all browsers if you really must!)

The basic use of <MARQUEE ...> is simple. Put almost any kind of markup between <MARQUEE> and </MARQUEE>.

A basic marquee is coded like this:

Code: <marquee>Scrolling text</marquee>
Display: Scrolling text

To see a full list of all marquee attributes, click here: marquee attributes.

If you want to practice with some marquee html, visit our marquee html sandbox, where you can experiment with code and instantly see how it works.

More examples of scrolling text marquees

Basic Marquee


<marquee>Scrolling text</marquee>

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